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Personalize your own custom jacket: In a few steps to your new favourite piece!

This is unique: At JN by JN LLOVET, customers can customize and personalize designer jackets! The search for the perfect and individual jacket in countless shops is finally over. With designer Jacqueline Llovet Garcia the customer becomes the designer himself.

That´s how easy the jacket can be configured

If you want to customize your perfect jacket with JN by JN LLOVET, you first choose your favourite jacket style. You can select in-between denim, leather or army jackets. The online configurator offers lots of possibilities, to create your custom jacket. You wish to add an image onto the jacket? Images like donuts, lipsticks or watermelons are available. The image will be sewed in careful handwork onto the back of the jacket. You prefer other appliques? You can customize your designer jacket with small patches of pineapples or flamingos. If you prefer it less colourful, you can select small hearts or stars, that will be applied onto the jacket. For very individual and personal jackets you can add a statement in the next step. Weather „Malibu Girl“, „Los Angeles“, or just „JN LLOVET“, there are no limits to your imagination. In the last steps you can select colourful cuffs as well as the colour of your lining, which is made from fine satin. Red, blue or leo print are only a few possible colours. To finalize the configuration you select your size – your custom-made jacket is finished!

These custom jackets are real eye catcher

Wherever those individual designer jackets by JN by JN LLOVET are worn, they are always an eye catcher. Those jackets are unique pieces, that can´t be bought anywhere else. The uniqueness oft these individual jackets, delivers a special feeling and makes you feel great. It underlines the individual personality of each and every person. Everyone can design their personal jacket and expose their personality. How boring would be a world where everyone would look a like. That´s why those personalized jackets are more then just a piece of clothing: They are part of your personality.
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